We are a team of Ex-Googlers, Engineers and Digital Marketers who help internationally based companies work with Developers and Creators from South Africa. 


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We have worked at Ireland’s top tech companies – Google & Facebook.
We understand that as your company scales, your team needs to grow and that comes at a cost – not just in salaries, but in the talent acquisition process. So we’ve created remote solutions for that:

Data Analytics

X analytics, decision intelligence, data accuracy, cognitive computing, data workforce diversification, natural language processing, data automation, self-service BI – yes, we know all the buzzwords! We develop custom solutions to help make sense of your data.

Software Development

The process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components. That's what Wikipedia says we do – we call it FUN!

Cloud Deployment & Beyond

We offer a variety of enterprise cloud solutions depending on the degree of your organisations desired outsourcing needs. We deploy solutions for Private, Community, Public and Hybrid Cloud catering to Iaas, SaaS and PaaS service models.

App Development

With Agile development being our forte we sprint through design, development, testing, deployment and review of any app idea our clients ask us to build. Once launched we continuously optimise and maintain the app infrastructure to ensure optimal performance.


As it is a relatively new and niche stream our Blockchain developers design primarily design the architecture and security of the Blockchain system being built. Currently we integrate into: smart contracts, financial services, gaming, energy trading, supply chain and anti-counterfeiting.

AI & Machine Learning

We build from first principles using theory of mind, limited memory, self aware and reactive machine theory to create our systems. Within endless applications for your organisation's needs we are able to create custom AI solutions that meet your requirements.

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No Language Barriers

The IndiWorks Remote Work model allows our team to start working on your project from the get-go with no time wasted due to miscommunication.  We can source tech talent from: Upington, Porteville, Caledon, East London, Cradock, Sir Henry Lowry’s Pass, the Biggarsberg Mountains, Donnybrook and Belfast – no, we’re not in Ireland or the UK – we’re in South Africa!  Our model is built to make you feel right at home with your project team.

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1 Hour Time Difference

Grab a pint with the team after a hard days work at the local Irish pub, why not?  Whether  in Ireland or South Africa!  With similar working schedules and cultures the IndiWorks Remote Work model allows your to build effective and lasting working relationships. 

With some of the top Computer Science, Engineering and Tech talent in Africa, working with IndiWorks Digital presents a win-win for both clients and talent.

Makes Perfect Cents

As an EU based client you enjoy the joys of the exchange rate being in your favour due to Euro/Rand currency prices.

As an SA based developer you get to gain international experience while building a formidable portfolio and earning in Euros or Pounds.

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