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How To Start Your and Grow Your Fitness Business

So you’ve been thinking of finally taking your fitness to the next level – by training others and becoming a Fitpreneur, buuut there’s just one thing you’re not sure on; how to start?  Well fortunately for you, our #BizIdeaOfTheDay is on how to do just that – generating income from your passion and love for fitness.  The reason a fitness business is one of the easiest things for you to do is because you have overcome the one obstacle that most people struggle with – consistency.  You might not have realised it but all those reps you were doing, all those extra sessions you stayed longer for the were all prepping your for your next challenge – running successful fitness business.

Start with Nutrition

We are not going to bore you with long detail of the admin involved of starting a business, rather we are going to start by sharing the various ways in which you can begin generating income from something that you have been and are already doing – staying fit and healthy.  A sexy and healthy body is one of man’s greatest desire and having achieved that you are in the position to help others, and the best way to start is with nutrients and eating healthy.  Sharing your eating habits, meal plans as well the nutritional supplements you eat is great way to start building and audience and potential clients.  USN for example, has a programme that allows you earn commisions for sharing your experience with using their products.  And they are not the only ones;  


 Launch a User-Friendly Website

A user-friendly website isn’t a bonus anymore, now its mandatory if you stay in the competition. The good news is that creating a user-friendly website for your gym is easier than ever. You can accept online payments and manage your customers even if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy. There are various page building tools and CRM (customer relationship management) software options that will enable you accept payments, plus track, and manage memberships. If you’re stressed about tech, then don’t worry. Many modern marketing and sales tools don’t require you to know how to write code. You can also launch and deploy a beautiful website using WordPress and that’s where digitalindiwoks comes in. With heaps of premium ecommerce and CRM WordPress plugins so you can customize your website in a variety of ways.


Exciting ways to enhance your gym membership website:

  • Post “private” member-only workout videos that your members can only get on your website
  • Create free fitness tutorials to both attract leads and entertain your members
  • Answer frequently asked questions that your members and prospects ask.


Offer Deals, Promotions and Specials

One of the most effective ways to attract new gym members is to make a deal that’s too good to pass on. Always remember people are busier than ever especially these days. Everyone wants to enjoy better health, a better body, more energy, and better fitness, but nobody has the time to get started. (at least that’s what they tell themselves). Launching promotions with a blatant scarcity element is a smart fitness lead generation strategy for your gym. This type of adverting can help to give your dream clients motivation enough to show up to through your doors finally.


You can also advertise your marketing page using Facebook Ads or Google Ads. Either of these options allows you to promote your special fitness offer to those who live near your gym and may be less expensive than you realize. Facebook Ads has a fantastic audience targeting features, so you can target the perfect prospect who may love your gym of fitness services.

Differentiate Your Gym

As a gym owner/ fitpreneur, you’re facing stiff competition. Yoga studios, online courses, competing gyms, and digital fitness coach are potentially trying to captivate the same audience as you. That’s why it’s never been so important to differentiate your gym. What makes experience that your clients have at your location different and better than the offerings of mainstream gym location and other fitness service alternatives?

Gym Space

To help differentiate your gym:

  • Offer free meal plans to any member who asks
  • Offer the best customer service possible!
  • Offer a fitness service for free to attract leads
  • Consider streaming your fitness classes online via Facebook or YouTube


Know Your Unique Value Proposition

A unique value proposition can help you create a unique experience that your customers feel when they visit your gym. How do the unique qualities that you offer make your customers feel? Ask yourself what unique services you can offer to your gym and fitness clients that they would find helpful. Are your customers interested in the ketogenic diet, yoga, cognitive health, meditation, self-defence, or any unique activity that can help you differentiate yourself from competitors?


Spend time brainstorming so you can develop unique health services that would be valuable to your existing members, and dream prospects. Remember that your customers and clients are always changing and evolving. Therefore, the list of services you offer should change with their demands.

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