Where you @ with your EM Strategy?

With our EM strategy we will show you better ways to best serve your potential clients who have subscribed to receive content from you.

Think of how many emails have been sent and received in the time it’s taken you to read this webpage.  Now think of how many of those emails could be received by your potential clients.  There are countless reasons to use Email Marketing, here are just a few of them:

  • Highest ROI is generated by Email Marketing.
  • Massive reach – 2.9 Billion email accounts.
  • High Conversion Rates – 3.42% on average.
  • Mobile-first email marketing is growing exponentially.

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Why is EM Strategy so Important?

Billions of Email Users

There are close to 4 billion email users in the world and almost 300 billion emails sent annually. It's due to this that Email remains the number 1 digital marketing channel. This is what makes EM a guaranteed method of promoting your business to your current and future customers.

Technology Innovation

Easy to Launch

Designing and implementing an email campaign is a simple drag and drop process. This is due to the many EM service providers available to you. This allows seamless distribution of any brand concept which your business has to promote your products and services.

Design Thinkinking

Customer Experience

Email allows your customers to be in control of the content they choose to subscribe to and to view. Unlike social media and websites where they are bombarded with ads which they might not be interested in. This guarantees that those viewing your EM content are actually interested in what you have to share or offer.

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eCommerce Email Typess

At IndiWorks Digital we believe that EM is the most important reason why ecommerce has become so successfull.   A customer’s interaction with a representative from your business is the most critical part of customer experience – email allows for this interaction to be replicated and perfected digitally.  These are the different type of emails we can help you with to perfect your EM strategy:

Welcome Emails

The ice-breaker, handshake, wave or bow – whatever you call it, this is is the most important email you will send to your potential clients.  Without it you have no way of establishing a relationship with your new subscribers – about 75% of whom expect to greeted with upon signing up to a new website. 

Abandoned Cart Emails

Primarily meant to serve as a kind reminder, Abandoned Cart Emails offer one of the most effective techniques to convert potential clients.  Mastery with these type of emails lies in  the art of setting thresholds based on the amount of items in a cart or the total value of the items –  we are able to help  you master this art.

Transactional Emails

How many times have you forgotten your password?  Now think of how seamless you expect the experience of renewing it to be – your clients expect the same.  That is why you need to set up efficiently automated responses to your users whenever they make a purchase, forget a password, request support or have any type of interaction with your business on or offline.

Reward Emails

Engaging content or interactions with your business will keep your current and potential clients coming back for more, so why not reward them for their loyalty?  Reward emails can be triggered by a certain goal or milestone being achieved, a promotion or campaign that you are running.  These emails enjoy high conversion rates, especially when offered on a limited basis.  You need to be sending Reward Emails to keep your audience engaged on a personal level.

Flash Sale Emails

You know the old adage – time is of the essence. This can’t be more true than when it comes to Flash Sale Emails.  These type of emails may be the main reason why your subscribers stay on your email list.  Generating highly effective Flash Sale Emails lies in striking a balance between users wanting to receive more such emails from you and avoiding them being flagged as spam.  Our strategy helps you to consistently compile compelling emails that will have your subscribers wanting to receive more.