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Quick Steps to Sell Furniture Online – #BizIdeaOfTheDay

Selling furniture is booming! You would have notice that from either your social media timeline or from having passed a billboard or poster. Whether it said: “we buy your furniture for cash” or “local furniture manufacturers”, its clear that there are many ways to market the sale of furniture. With this many ways to sell furniture you may be thinking of how you could also make profits on this booming market.

In order to make it easier for you to join in on this industry we have decided to share some quick steps on how to make money on selling furniture – first online and when you’ve grown your sales enough you may want to get your own shopfront or warehouse from which to sell physically.

Step 1 – Build a Furniture Shop Website

With people spending more time at home and working remotely, starting by selling online is a quick win for any business – especially in the furniture business! Gone are the days where you needed to have an uncle in furniture business in order to get the best quality tables, chairs, couches, bean bags or whatever furniture you may need! In today’s day and age customers simple type in the particular furniture they need or want and in a few clicks they have it already on it its way to their door. So if you are looking to even have a semblance of a chance of your furniture business succeed you need to build a Furniture Shop website. Lucky for you the Web Design Team at IndiWorks Digital is able to assist – they have already built website templates for furniture shops or they can custom build your Online Furniture Shop. To get your store up an running in no time, you simply buy the Online Furniture Shop package at [link] and start making sales. You can also add additional features to the baseline them in order to create a personalised experience for your customers.

Step 2 – Find a Supplier

Whether you will be building the furniture yourself or you will be reselling, drop-shipping or providing interior decor services, you will be need a reliable supplier from which to source your material or actual furniture. With many options available to it is best to choose your supplier based on your business model. We have listed a few options below:

  • Furniture Manufacturer – if you will be manufacturing furniture from a workshop then you will need to find suppliers of wood, metal, glass or any of the material you will be using to make furniture.
  • Drop Shipping – you source the produce directly from the manufacturer, but the inventory stays at the manufacturer’s premises. Once a customer places an order from your Online Furniture Shop, then only will the manufacturer ship the order directly to the customer.
  • Distribute/Resell – this involves purchasing furniture in bulk and therefore getting items cheaper based on unit price. With the cheaper unit price you would then be able to add a mark-up per item and sell at your own price.
  • Hire to purchase – with this business model you make an arrangement with your customer, where they make an initial deposit or down payment and the customer pays the balance plus interest in installments. The customer get the furniture delivered from when they have paid the initial deposit and completed the agreement pay in installments.

Step 3 – Set Up Payments

So now you have your store up and running and you have supply of furniture to sell to your customers. There’s one important step to get through – PAYMENTS! Without a clear indication of payments are made on your Online Furniture Shop, your customers won’t be able make purchases and you won’t be able to make money, in fact you won’t even have a business. So in order to ensure that you have the correct options for your customers we’ve listed some payment options for your to consider:

  • Cash on delivery (COD) – Simply put, this payment method allows customers to pay for their items with cash or a credit card in person to the courier at the time of delivery. You may heard the saying “cash is king”, and that is exactly the reason why this remains the most popular method of pay for just about anything in most parts of the world.
  • Electronic fund transfer (EFT) or bank transfer – this is another trusted payment method in which the customer deposits funds into your bank account directly from their bank account. Customers, prefer this method because do not have to divulge any financial information to you in order to make a purchase. Once the amount reflects or you are able verify payment through a reference number or proof of payment, you then send the furniture off to your loyal customer.
  • Credit and debit cards – a payment method well known to all users as a large majority of online shoppers would possess at least one of these cards. Your customers would make payments by entering their card details on your website. The payment would then be verified by a 3rd-party and transfer of funds from the customer’s account to yours would then take place.
  • Paypal – with over over 254 million members all over the world, Paypal is one of the most popular payment methods accessible today, alongside credit and debit cards. Users who have created a Paypal account share their card details with Paypal which stores them in their database. When the user makes a purchase on your furniture store all they would need to is enter the Paypal login in details. Once the details are verified the payment is processed the same way as with the debit and credit cards.
  • Other payment methods – Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Payment Gateways, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are all various methods available for your customers to buy furniture from your Online Furniture Shop. Do some research and find the most suitable and trusted method for you and your customers to exchange trust for value and loyalty.

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