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Just about every law firm wants more and better cases. This is why competition in marketing is so tough. Every prospective client has many options. How do you make sure they 1) find you and; 2) retain you instead of one of your competitors? Naturally, attorneys look to marketing companies to help them, but most end up wasting money on ineffective marketing.

Findability, high performing website and helpfulness are the formular for finding success when it comes to attracting new clients. These components work in unison to create meaningful, tangible growth for your law firm. By engaging these three critical objectives, you will see your client roster grow. Understand, however, that alone or implementing just two of the three components will not work. All three must be implemented at the same time. Make sure that you know these fundamentals.


Be Easy to Find

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You won’t get more clients if you don’t find new customers for your law firm. You have to be where your ideal clients are looking for lawyers and where they’re looking for information regarding their legal challenges or needs. And here’s where they look:

  • Google Top of the page
  • Google map pack
  • Google organic search results
  • Law Firm Directories like The Legal 500, SuperLawyers, etc.
  • YouTube looking for answers to their legal questions.

If your website or information you provided shows up in the top results, you’ll be found by your prospective clients. If not, it will be as if you don’t exist. When you are thinking about getting more leads, you need to understand where your customers are. Web marketing for lawyers is an answer.


Create a High-Performance Website

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If all those law firm marketing services paid off and your website, YouTube channel, or directory listings are easy to find, your prospects will visit your website. But then, will they find a high-performance tool that helps them decide in your favour or a limp online brochure that underwhelms in comparison to your competitors’ websites?

Literally, ALL your other marketing efforts will underperform or fail (and you’ll waste a lot of money) if you don’t have a website optimized to convert attention (visitors) into action (calls to your office or online inquiries, and/or people providing you with their contact info). If you want to convert your leads into new clients for your law firm, let’s think about your website performance.


Be Helpful to Get More Clients

Even the most prestigious law firms require a proper SEO marketing strategy to make it to the highest placement in Google search. Your firm will be no different. Embrace SEO and proven means of digital marketing to grow your organic traffic through higher authority rankings, and hence, higher placement on Google and other search engines.

What is the key to getting more legal clients? Is to answer clients’ questions. The more helpful your content is, the longer you keep them on your site. And the longer they spend on your site, the more relevant your site will appear to Google, and the more people Google will send to your site (there are many other factors Google considers in its algorithm, but this one is considered very important).

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